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Hey, I know this community is rather...completely dead, but I was wondering if anyone saw the movie Flavors? Personally I thought it was good. If you haven't seen it, the summary is here:
Some don't like it, some do. I thought it was nice and different for American Desi type movies.



I'm trying to get some people to sign up for free trail offers, and if you do this I get closer to getting an iPod. If you do it, then you can get people to sign up and you can get an iPod yourself. Pretty nifty. It's really easy. Just sign up, you have to live in the U.S. and you have to do one of their offers, and they're all trial so you can canel as soon as the trial's over. It'd be ever so lovely if you did it. =D

Hey, sorry if this movie's been posted about a while back already...=(
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