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books/author suggestions?

hii! just a quick question--

we've been assigned a project for our American Literature class at school where we have to pick an author and read at least two books on him/her, pretend to be him/her, and have a round table discussion in that personality.

I was looking for an author and Jhumpa Lahiri came to mind (author of the Namesake and Interpreter of Maladies) because she rights about life as a second generation Indian in America.  I was wondering, does anyone have any suggestions of any authors that write books (with at least two books published to date) that deal with the same issues as Lahiri?


any suggestions for other authors/books that would be interesting to read for a project like this?

Thanks in advance! :]

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(i apologize if this isn't extremely relevant to the community, i was looking for a wide range of opinions as much as possible...)

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