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The Controversial Deepa Mehta

I have seen two movies directed by Deepa Mehta. One of them was Fire, and the other Earth. I liked Earth better because as far as how my Hindu and Muslim friends reac to this partition, I found the movie to be fairly objective.

I also saw Fire a year ago. I think it could have been a better movie than it was. I would like to see more developing on the character of Jatin, and I support the fact that the names of Radha and Sita in the main characters should have been changed (I don't think that if in my Catholic country there was a movie with the protagonist Jesús and Pablo -Jesus and Paul, respectively- they would have accepted the movie with open arms either). But overall I found it to be a fairly good movie, partly because the theme seems more or less universal.

I am looking forwart to watch the next film Water (Yep, it is back in production!). I know it caused some controversy in India.

I want to get the truth from the mouth of the horse: what do you think about Deepa Mehta's work? Do you think it denigrates the culture of India or it just merely reveals hidden truths?

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